20 hours…

by sam on 04/26/2005

Yeah. I’m not too obsessive-compulsive.

I’m waiting on the message from my lawyer as to what checks I need to pick up from the bank in the morning. I’m completely distracted, work-wise (although my recurring insomnia may help in this regard, as I’ll clearly end up awake until 2am reading the quarterly report I need to read for tomorrow).

A friend of mine at work had his closing yesterday, and it went smoothly. That makes me feel better, until I start thinking about irrational odds and how his smooth closing will somehow mean that mine will be more complicated. Yeah, I know, it makes no sense, but that’s where my head is.

I keep having these fiscally-related nightmares about some closing cost that I didn’t anticipate which will screw up my renovation budget. Again. This makes no sense, as the estimate is currently lower than what I was expecting.

All of this, of course, is why my blogging has been completely sporadic and inconsequential lately. Social Security? filibustering? I just can’t get interested in any of it (in no small part because the weight of popular opinion is actually so clearly on the Democrats’ side on both of those issues). What can I say. I’m apparently self-absorbed. I know, that’s shocking, coming as it is from someone who publishes even her most inane thoughts on the internet as if others would actually be interested in them.


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