comment & registration policy

by sam on 02/9/2011


This blog is not a public forum. It is my personal fiefdom. I reserve the right to delete any comment that is offensive (either generally or to me personally) or off-topic. Or really, for any other reason (or no reason).

More generally, the first time you comment, your comment will need to be approved by me personally. Once you’ve successfully commented, your comments will no longer be held for moderation.


Due to an exponential increase in spam over the last year, it is now necessary to register before you comment. However, since the ONLY reason to register is to comment, if you register and do not post a comment within 24 hours, your registration will be deleted. This prevents people from registering in the hopes of spamming the blog at a later date when I’m not looking, or somehow hoping to exploit a back door to more generally hack the blog. In addition, if you register and post something that even slightly resembles spam, both the comment and your registration will be deleted.

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