four more years…

by sam on 01/20/2017

I posted a version of this photo four years ago, on the occasion of Obama’s second inauguration. Four years later, my opinion hasn’t changed, except that I would be even more enthusiastic about him if we could have him for another four years, particularly in light of the cold hard narcissistic, sociopathic reality with which we have been presented. 

Obama has simply been the best president of my lifetime. And even if they manage to destroy all the things he worked so hard for, I think he will be remembered as one of the best presidents ever. Not just for the tangible things he did in the face of unprecedented opposition and outright racism from his first day in office, but for the calm grace with which he did them.  He was not perfect – I could also list out things that I did not agree with – but he was, and is, one of the best of us, and I will truly miss him – both as a person and as a leader. 

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call box

by sam on 01/18/2017

I’m taking a short, three week street photography class just for kicks, and also because it’s a good way to force myself out of the house during this dark, depressing, apocalyptic January.

So of course, the first class was during a bit of a snowstorm, which drove us into the nearest subway station for shelter.

Side view of one of the many mysterious locked call boxes on the platform for fire department and police use. Put in place before anyone could do something like make a cellphone call from several stories below ground (a feat that can be accomplished in every station in NYC as of…nine days ago).

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by sam on 01/16/2017

Over the holidays, I found a new hole-in-the-wall coffee spot in my neighborhood. It has only five seats, because it’s so small. But they make really good coffee. It’s also quite photogenic, which is obviously just as important.

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stage entrance

by sam on 01/5/2017

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


But after that, you still need to find this door.

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and a half?

by sam on 01/4/2017

According to Manhattan Block-by-Block by John Tauranac (a great map and guide for anyone living or visiting NYC), while all blocks are of “roughly” equal size, the distance between sixth and seventh avenues is by far the longest distance between avenues. Anyone who has worked in a particular section of midtown west on the 50s has always known about the “secret” passageway through a series of buildings halfway between the two, because it was just too much of a pain in the *** to go all the way to the corner if you had to go from, say, midblock on 53rd to midblock on 56th. So the thoroughfare, cutting through public and semi public spaces including a pedestrian passageway behind the Hilton, City Center, the Parker Meridian hotel (among others), led to a constant stream of people playing frogger with midtown traffic.

A few years ago, the city decided enough was enough. No, they didn’t try to force people to cross at the corners – that would have been asking too much. They turned the entire “secret passageway” into an official street.

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caught in the act

by sam on 01/3/2017

By the police, no less. These guys were doing some very mild crowd control, but mostly just letting tourists pet their horses, on the plaza near the Rockefeller center tree. But one of them clearly noticed me trying to take a picture. Oops!

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the rock

by sam on 01/2/2017

rockefeller center.

As noted before, I didn’t walk up fifth avenue as much this holiday season for…reasons. I did try to brave it once or twice to grab shots of the tree, but didn’t get any post-worthy ones due to the size of the crowds and the traffic that kept getting in the way in unfortunate ways. But I did grab this nice angle of rockefeller center one evening despite the jostling.

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by sam on 01/1/2017

Our friends who hosted thanksgiving dinner have a great collection of art and other collected objects. These were a few of my oddball favorites (of a particular theme)

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country road

by sam on 12/31/2016

More from thanksgiving in the berkshires. our road, featuring some very old houses.

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by sam on 12/30/2016

Just playing around with taking closeups of stuff on the table at Thanksgiving dinner.

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