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by sam on 06/24/2008

[updated September 2019]
I’ve spent the last twenty or so years as a corporate lawyer while living on the upper west side of manhattan (with some periodic stints in Italy, which was fun, but not quite as fun as it would have been if I didn’t actually have to go to work every day). After a brief detour into unemployment during the financial crisis of 2009 (where I finally got to relax, if by ‘relax’ you mean continually stress about finding a new job), I now work in-house, where I don’t have to document my entire life in six-minute increments. I also now consider myself fairly lucky, as the mega-law firm that I got laid off from in 2009 collapsed in somewhat spectacular fashion shortly thereafter.

Prior to being a lawyer, I went to law school at Penn after getting my B.A. at SUNY Buffalo, where I majored in “not planning to actually get a job after college.”  Fortunately, my joint degree in women’s studies and political science comes in handy as an amusing anecdote when trying to explain how I ended up as a corporate/securities lawyer, so it wasn’t entirely a waste of my parents’ money.

I grew up in the wild suburban environs of Rockland County, NY, where I dreamed of moving to greenwich village from the time I was 6 years old.  I managed to live in the actual village for a total of two months, at which point I realized that it wasn’t all that enjoyable to live in the middle of the NYU campus while not actually being a student there.  Now that I’m in my thirtiesforties, I’ve settled very nicely into the yuppie-dom of the upper west side with Sadie, my cat.

I have one brother, who lives a much more exciting life than me, traveling around half the world designing and implementing educational programs for refugee children, so at least someone is trying to make the world better. The rest of us are just trying to muddle through.

You can read more about me by checking in at my blog.