Looking forward to my money pit…

by sam on 04/23/2005

Only 5 days left.

Before we head up to Westchester tomorrow afternoon (or really, this afternoon at this point), I’m going to take my dad to ikea for the first time (I didn’t think we got off on the right foot today, when he said he was still up for our trip to "nokia". hee). Hopefully, we’ll pin down some cabinet styles and whatnot. Measurement-wise, I know exactly which pieces I need.

One of the benefits of a 35 square foot kitchen? Once you put in the appliances, your cabinetry is pretty much dictated by the tiny amount of space left.

Then, I called up my new building management to find out what they were going to need when I did the renovations (one of the *great* things about apartment living? All of the board rules you have to follow to get anything done). Turns out that if I want to install anything new in the kitchen, I have to completely upgrade the plumbing (which we planned on doing), and the electric (which we totally didn’t). Don’t get me wrong – we planned on having Cityelectric come in and test all of the lines, and possibly add an extra circuit if needed, but we weren’t going to completely redo everything. So now it’s looking like the kitchen is going to eat up pretty much all of my renovation budget. Which means, on top of everything else, a possible loan from the bank of dad, which I was really hoping not to do, even though my dad and stepmom were the ones to initially suggest it (they’re of the mindset that it’s better to get as much done as possible before I actually move in, because it’s twice as hard afterwards).

Hmm. I guess it’s better to find this out now. I think part of my anxiety is that I won’t find out until Monday what my final closing costs (taxes, fees, etc.) are going to be. Once I know that, I’ll actually be able to figure out what my renovation budget actually is.

OK. I’m obsessing again. ‘night.


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