It’s done…

by sam on 04/27/2005

Closed today. Everything went swimmingly. It took forever, but that was just because I had to sign or initial about 100 documents, in quadruplicate. Property transfer documents, first mortgage documents, secondary mortgage documents, and checks. Lots and lots of checks. But (other than my own lawyer’s fees), I don’t have to pay any more money until June. So that’s good. And getting paid this Friday will help pay the current rent, without making an even bigger dent in what remains of my savings (otherwise known as the "renovation budget").

Everyone there said it went pretty much as smoothly as it could have. Checks were all made out to the right people, in the right amounts. The biggest issue? That one of the checks might have been for a little too much money, in which case I’ll get a refund. Oh, and the title company guy kind of got worried when he found out that my parents are still occupying the apartment, since he got an affidavit of vacancy. But he was told by his higher ups not to worry, because they’re my family, so I can treat them as guests rather than tenants until they finish moving out next week.

I’m about ready to fall asleep now, totally crashing from the morning adrenaline rush (and coffee! I never drink coffee), but I’ve got a conference call until at leat 8pm tonight, so I’m propping my eyes open with toothpicks for a few more hours.


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