The apartment? still not done. me? losing my mind much more quickly now.

by sam on 08/5/2005

And by "done", I mean "livable". not actually "done" done. The plumber was supposed to come today to hook up the bathroom sink and shower, thereby making it habitable. When i stopped by tonight after work, the bathroom sink was sitting in the middle of the bedroom, and only part of the shower fixture had been installed.

So i call the plumber to find out what happened, and he’s all…"the tile wasn’t glued in, grouted, blah blah blah and I can’t install anything until it is". I ask if he spoke to the painting contractors, and he’s all "the only people there were the "kitchen guys". And i say, "[plumber], the "kitchen guys" are the painting contractors – you’re telling me you were both in the same apartment for hours and you didn’t say one word to them?"

So I call giuliano to find out what happened, and giuliano says that the "plumber is a jackass", that he didn’t actually show up until 3:30 in the afternoon (mind you, all work must stop by 5 p.m. according to condo rules), and giuliano was waiting for the plumber to get his shit together before he regrouted, so that he could regrout around the new fixtures.

So the result of all of this? I have two contractors who are more interested in passing blame at the moment than actually getting the apartment done (I’m right now leaning towards placing more blame on the plumber myself, because…3:30? really? It’s just not physically possible to get the work done in that amount of time in the best of circumstances). And I get to sleep on an air mattress in my parent’s spare room for at least another week, since I also can’t clean all of the dust and debris out of the new place, being that there’s still no freaking water!!! (not to mention that they’re still working, so cleaning a bunch of stuff that’s just going to get covered in new contractor grime on Monday is not exactly at the top of my list). My favorite part was where the plumber’s all "the toilet works!". And I’m all, (a) the toilet is the only piece of equipment that wasn’t replaced, so it damn well should work, and (b) I can’t exactly get ready for work monday morning with just a toilet and no other water fixtures.

But the best part? my brother comes home on monday. Which I’m actually quite excited about, because this is the month he’ll be home before going into the Peace Corps for the next two years, but it’s going to get really old really fast if there’s now a fourth person trying to share the one shower in my parents’ apartment in the morning. I think he’s planning on going up to the country first, so that may ease the overcrowding. 

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