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by sam on 07/30/2005

Rick posted in comments the other day that my moving/renovation saga was better than a soap opera. heh. he spoke too soon. After my PC Richards episode on Tuesday, I continued to pack for my move on Wednesday afternoon. Let’s just say that it didn’t go too well. I sent an e-mail to my stepmother later that night, and I think it captures better what went on than I can recall at this particular point, so I’ll just copy the relevant portions here:

Oy…today was pretty much a mess. The movers showed up late and didn’t have the insurance information that I told the company about at least 5 or 6 times (including calling the other day to check that it was done). And the crew supervisor was a complete asshole (to both his crew and to me), and refused to move my second TV, even though it was on the inventory list. [not only that, he was a jerk in a way that bled time all over the place – thereby aggravating me further – every five minutes he would stop what he was doing to tell all the guys on the crew what they were doing wrong, then he would undo their work and redo it]. So the Company has to send another crew to my [old] apartment in the morning at 8am (because I refuse to allow this supervisor within 100 feet of me) to pick up all of the stuff this guy just decided he was too good to move, then move me in in the morning. Meanwhile, most of my stuff is sitting on a truck somewhere. So I actually haven’t moved in yet – I actually had to go out and buy clothes at the gap, since they packed my overnight bag, which wouldn’t have been a big deal if they, you know, had moved me in today.

This was after, of course, PC Richards totally screwed up their delivery yesterday, showing up two hours late, after Giuliano had to make an executive decision to paint the floors so they would be dry by today for the move (heh). So they’re coming tomorrow again.

So of course, the morning crew didn’t show up until 8:30, even though I dragged myself down there from the upper west side to meet them at 8. Conveniently, PC Richard showed up at the new place about five minutes after I did, so the appliances got moved in before all of my stuff. not so conveniently, my entire apartment is filled to the rafters with furniture and boxes, because the contractors were still tearing up the kitchen floor that morning as well.

Anyway, the PC Richard guys get there, and I look at the invoice, which says "refrigerator–white". so they have to open the box before I’ll let them take it off the truck to show me that it’s actually titanium. So they drop off the appliances, walk out the door, and I notice that the side of my range box says "black". So I go running downstairs to literally run across 72nd street, to chase the now-moving truck, because they’re not going anywhere until they can confirm that it’s actually a stainless steel range sitting inside the box (of course it turns out to be fine). The only problem PCR seems to have is with their labeling system.

At this point, all of my stuff is in the apartment, but I can’t unpack anything because there’s nowhere to put anything. Giuliano stopped by today to help me move the appliances into the kitchen, but then we realized that the boxes took up as much space as the appliances themselves, and they can’t be thrown out until Monday (we need freight elevator access). But one of the maintenance guys in the building managed to snag me a bunch of subway tile from an upstairs apartment that’s being gutted, so my bathroom will be able to get done by mid-next week, which means that I may be able to start actually living there by the end of next week. I’m currently staying at my parent’s new place, which isn’t exactly a hardship, other than the fact that I’m living out of a suitcase.

I took a bunch of pictures, but just realized that the cord I need to download them to my computer is packed somewhere.

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