One step closer.

by sam on 07/4/2005

So I did actually make it to Ikea on Saturday, and it was all absolutely fine. They have helpers specifically located to help put together kitchens, and all of the stuff I wanted was in stock. Of course, "in stock" for kitchen stuff doesn’t necessarily mean in the store, but just not on backorder. Which means that it will be two weeks for delivery. Again, that’s a really good time frame in real-world numbers, but seems really far away from right now. But I figure that it’ll probably work out well, because they should show up right around the time all of the plumbing and electrical is finishing up and new drywall is put up. Hanging the actual cabinets should take very little time once they’re put together, which is my job (it’s the typical ikea-allen-wrench project).

Other than the incredible crowds at the store, it was all very easy to get done. The bus was standing room only (I managed to get a seat), and it was like every person in the New York area who didn’t go away for the weekend decided to buy some furniture. At the same time.

Four weeks!! I need to start throwing things out.

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