My baby’s back!

by sam on 06/11/2005

My iMac is finally back home – picked it up this morning, and spent most of the day restoring software and files. And experimenting with Tiger, since the TekServe guys erased my hard drive and installed the new OS. Turns out they had to replace both my CD/DVD drive and my logic board. $840 worth of repairs, all covered by my now expired Apple Care protection plan. Talk about timing – my first phone call to Apple regarding the problems I was experiencing was on the last day of my service plan (May 1). It was certainly worth the $150 or so that I spent on it when I originally bought the computer. Heck, the cost of the service plans for my iMac, my brother’s ibook, and my powerbook still cost less than the repair bill.

Definitely worth it. When they brought out my computer, I actually hugged it. The repair guy’s response? "I know how you feel…"

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