This screen is too small.

by sam on 06/8/2005

I’m still stuck on my powerbook, because the new optical drive for my iMac has still not arrived at Tekserve.

Don’t get me wrong – I love my powerbook, for what it is, which is a useful computer to travel with. That’s why I got the 12" model. But for regular computing, I really need at least my 15" iMac screen – I feel like I’m going cross-eyed after two weeks of this. Not to mention the non-ergonomicness of it all. And the wires running every which way since I have all of my stuff (backup drive, printer) now plugged into the side of the pbook rather than discretely in the back of the iMac.

It’s all just so frustrating. How friggin’ hard is it for them to get an optical drive? I mean, they are put in every computer that Apple makes…

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