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by sam on 05/2/2005

really really late edition…

  • People are freaking out about the crazy weather in the midwest, but I distinctly remember that it snowed well into May back when I was in college in Buffalo. Why do I remember this? Because I had to warn my parents before they drove up for my mid-May graduation that they needed to bring snow-appropriate clothing. (Mon Apr 25 2005 3:56 PM)
  • I’ve got less than 48 hours to go until my closing, so can someone explain to me why I felt compelled to read this horrible article about closing disasters? (Mon Apr 25 2005 3:17 PM)
  • Man. Posting a ranty rant on my blog just seems so lame compared to one woman’s actions after a bad haircut (Fri Apr 22 2005 4:10 PM)
  • So I started reading GwenWorld recently, and she seriously rocks. (Thu Apr 21 2005 3:26 PM)
  • My apologies for the lack of updates. Between the beautiful weather and my apartment-buying/renovating fixation, I’ve spent quite a bit less time on the internet than I normally do. (Mon Apr 18 2005 2:08 PM)

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