nyc subway | 34th street and 7th avenue

by sam on 06/6/2015

Continuing on the 1/2/3 line for now, 34th Street advertises itself as connecting to Penn Station, but I’ve always found the A/C/E train over on 8th Avenue to be the more convenient station. Despite the signage here, you’ll be trekking underground for some ways to get into the station itself. Of course, convenience is a matter of degree, and if your coming from somewhere that is along this train line, this station does provide that connection.

There’s a lot of nice tiled sign work in this station, mostly emphasizing the Penn station connection, as well as some raven-related pure artwork. The art itself is part of a collection called “A Bird’s Life” by Elizabeth Grajales, and the description I could find only indicates that it depicts birds nurturing their young. Yet again, I feel like there is something distinctly lacking in the explanation for why these particular panels were chosen for this particular station.

Station opened: June 3, 1917
Original system: IRT
Trains: 1/2/3
Source: Wikipedia

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