book review: started early, took my dog

by sam on 08/10/2013

Started Early, Took My DogStarted Early, Took My Dog by Kate Atkinson

I keep thinking that, at some point, I’m going to get tired of the adventures of Jackson Brodie, reluctant private detective, but then I never do. Case Histories is still the best in the series, but this is another solid outing, helped by the fact that Atkinson spends a lot of time focused on characters other than Brodie. I predicted some of the twists, but not all, and probably close enough to the reveal in the story that it wasn’t really a prediction so much as path I was being led toward in any event.

I generally like detective and crime novels, but for the most part, they’re pulpy novel equivalents of shows like CSI. My favorite part about Atkinson’s books is that they tend to be much deeper and more character driven than the typical novel of this “type”. They’re much more character stories that happen to be about a detective and a mystery (or a series of mysteries).

Looking forward to reading Life After Life, Atkinson’s latest novel, and a departure from the Jackson Brodie series.

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