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by sam on 03/26/2013

The contractors appear to have finished ripping out most of what they were going to rip out, and the drywall arrived today, so i think this is progress. Not sure they’re going to be done quite on schedule, but it should be hopefully far enough along to be able to move back in by mid-next week while they finish up details (provided the new tile and such actually arrives tomorrow).


In other goings-on, today was a complete clusterf*ck, transportation-wise. This morning I got on the 1 train only to realize I was sitting across from some guy jerking off. I was tempted to post his picture on hollaback, but I didn’t have the energy, so I just moved. Not an auspicious start to the day though. Then, on the way home, AFTER the doors shut on the shuttle, the conductor announces that there is no uptown service on the 1, 2, or 3 trains at all, due to a “sick passenger”. If I had known BEFORE I got on the crosstown subway shuttle, I could have just gone back upstairs and hopped on the bus, but no. We were trapped. Which meant I had to trek almost a mile underground in the most ridiculous transfer that exists from the shuttle to the C train in Times Square.

So I tweet about it, and, of course, this is the response I get from the MTA: Apologies. We had a young man killed while on the tracks tonight. A bad commute for you, a horrific tragedy for his family

which is awful, and now I’m clearly the worst person in the world too. Since I’m already going to hell, I responded that maybe it wouldn’t be so horrific if they had done something to address this issue the last 1000 times that it’s happened. For some reason, they didn’t respond to that one.

How was your day?

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