The mugs of dissolution | 365:007 and 365:008

by sam on 01/8/2013

It’s a two-fer today, since I fell down on the job last night. So…a theme.

I don’t know how it started, but I’ve ended up with a collection of mugs from all of my (grown-up) jobs. But they’re starting to turn into bad omens after not one, but two(!) law firms that I previously worked for have gone bankrupt following my departure. At least I have this lovely commemorative swag.

First, I worked at Reid & Priest as a summer associate in 1998, the summer it merged with Thelen, Marrin, Johnston & Bridges. I left Thelen Reid & Priest in 2003 with a group, and it went belly up in 2008-2009 after it merged with another firm that (at least according to the stories I’ve heard) saddled it with unmanageable debt.


The firm I moved to and stayed at quite happily until they kicked me out in a misguided effort to save money by firing profitable associates was Dewey Ballantine, which eventually became Dewey & LeBoeuf, and which finally, last year, became an object lesson in how to turn a highly respected law firm with a 100-year history into an industry joke.


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