cat-urday: if you can’t beat em…give in.

by sam on 07/7/2012

Sadie is not a particularly demonstrative or affectionate cat. She lasts about 20 seconds if I try to get her to sit in my lap, and she’d much rather curl up under my ottoman (where I can’t reach/annoy her) than anywhere else. She has always felt compelled to be in the same room as me, following from place to place, but she keeps a wary/respectful distance.

But in the past few weeks or so, she’s decided that she needs to be on my desk whenever I am sitting at the computer. At first, this amounted to stretching herself along the narrow strip of available desktop between the wall any my keyboard, usually with an attempt to co-opt my trackpad into some sort of pillow. For the past few days though, she’s decided that she would like to fit herself into one of the stackable baskets that I keep office supplies in. With the office supplies still in there (and not just stacks of paper either, we’re talking pens, tchochkes, extra computer cords, etc.). So this morning I finally gave in, cleared out the top bin, and put in the liner from her carrier (which takes up too much room in the carrier anyway). It took her about 3 seconds to figure out what I had done, and each time i sit down at my desk, she immediately parks herself in her new spot and starts purring REALLY loudly. I try not to anthropomorphize her too much, but I’d say I made her very happy today.

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