More Apple goodness

by sam on 09/6/2007

When the iphone was first announced, I oohed and aahed, and thought it was the prettiest thing ever, and boy did I want one.


I, and everyone I know, is on Verizon.  My best friend from high school actually said she wouldn’t answer her phone when I called because she uses up all of her non-"in" network minutes for work, so she relies on her verizon-verizon free minutes to speak to everyone else (she was mostly joking, but still…)

My contract didn’t end until March.

When I first moved to NY, I had AT&T, and dropped them almost immediately because of their suckage.  And they were a total pain in the ass about moving from Philadelphia to NY and then cancelling my service.

Then I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to have the ipod aspects of the iphone without the phone?  And lo and behold, the ipod touch.  So now I really need one of these.  But I’m also, of course, thinking about how the "next" version will have more memory….

Such problems.

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