The Bourne Ultimatum

by sam on 08/5/2007

Took myself to see the Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon, and it was awesome.  That’s not to say that it had much of a plot, but my heart was certainly racing the entire time.  And you just know that half the reason that they wanted to pin everything on Landy was because she was a girl in the boys clubhouse, so I was thrilled to watch her get the upper hand. 

Oh, and I constantly get Brian Cox and Albert Finney confused, so you can just imagine the somersaults my mind was doing after Finney showed up in this film, after Cox’s character had killed himself in the second one.  I was all "why doesn’t Bourne recognize the guy in the photograph?  he was in the same room with him in the last film!?"  And then I realized why it actually made sense. 


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