I think I’m in love.

by sam on 01/9/2007

Talk about delayed gratification though…


Too bad that it’s only available on Cingular and my Verizon contract doesn’t even run out for at least another year after I get back to NY.

There’s almost nothing that would tempt me to switch providers – Verizon uses antiquated CDMA (which is the primary reason why nobody makes cool phones for them), but it’s the most extensive network in the US. I have a separate prepaid GSM phone that I can use in Europe, so that’s not an issue either. The big thing for me though, is that almost everyone I know (from my dad to most of my friends) uses Verizon, and with their “in” plan, that means that we never run out of minutes talking to one another. Not to mention the fact that my phone docking system in my apartment is tied to the use of a Motorola handset.

But this is sooooo pretty. I seriously want to go out right now and buy one, even though they won’t even be available until June. And then there’s that pesky contract.

Maybe this is a good thing. In the year and a half until my contract runs out, I’m thinking that all of the kinks will get worked out, they’ll figure out a way to upgrade the hard drive size (seriously? 8 gigs is the largest? that’ll barely hold my photo library, much less my music and TV collection), improve battery life some more, perhaps open up to other carriers, and on and on. Until then, this is going to have to be the proverbial puppy in the pet shop window for me.

In the meantime, I know what I want for my birthday…


And just in time for me to get back to NY in March!

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