I’m home (sort of)

by sam on 10/21/2005

I finally got to come home the other day. Got back Wednesday afternoon…

of course, I’m already booked on a plane back to Rome Monday night. So this is more of a reprieve than a pardon. I can’t even begin to describe how much more human I feel though, just being back here. Just getting to see familiar faces. Right after I got home, I ran up to the supermarket to buy some milk, and it made me irrationally happy. And I ran into one of my neighbors (actually, the wife of my lawyer who helped me buy this apartment – they live across the hall), and she and her husband had gotten home on Wednesday after a 3-week trip to…Italy. Of course, they were on vacation, so they had a slightly different experience than I did.

Wednesday night I did make it to Yama for dinner. My stepmother turned it into a giant dinner party, because she had a bunch of friends in from California, and it was pretty fun (even though I was falling asleep at the table). Now, you have to understand that physically, yama is kind of a dive – no decor, in a basement, ridiculously crowded and usually involving a long wait to get a table. So they were all looking at me like, why did you want to come here? And then the sushi showed up. And they understood. When we ordered, we only had 5 people at the table, and only ordered for 5. Then Tano showed up, and there was still enough food left for him to not only eat an entire meal, but there was still sushi left over from that. The place has pretty much ruined me for sushi anywhere else, and even though I don’t live around the corner anymore, I still try to get down there on a regular basis.

But now…I have to go to work. 

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