Now is the time when I figure out how to postpone my move.

by sam on 07/24/2005

Ok. So everything is set for me to move on wednesday, except…the apartment.

So I have to call tomorrow morning and see about possibly moving my moving date back a day or two. Just so the guys can get the floors done. I have no expectation that the kitchen will be anywhere near complete by Friday either (luckily, my parents gave me keys to their place). If I have to move on wednesday, either due to moving company or freight elevator issues, we’ll figure it out, but in the meantime…here’s where it stands…

The kitchen has actually been sheetrocked, including the drop ceiling (I’m putting in recessed lighting). The sheetrock, of course, is a lovely shade of fluorescent blue.

The bathroom is waiting for new tile, so that they can install the sink and the new shower fixtures….and yeah, I originally wasn’t going to replace the shower fixtures, but it turned out that I needed some sort of regulator in the wall, which wasn’t compatible with the old fixtures (said regulator, of course, to prevent the water from scalding me intermittently, so, good idea!). It also turns out that separate hot and cold taps in the shower are actually now illegal in NYC. So I had to get a single integrated handle. you can see the beginnings of that installation.

They got the bedroom floor sanded last week, but not the living room (hence my attempt at a delay – they still need to be painted and varnished (I’m pickling them because they’re not in great shape).

The living room has been painted in this light brown shade that I found at Restoration Hardware, which I love. I needed something neutral, because my artwork and furniture is fairly bold colors, but I didn’t want white or beige.

New electrical outlets in the foyer, where there previously had been none (there are also new outlets in the kitchen, and they replaced a bunch more wiring than originally planned because it was in pretty bad shape – but there was conduit, which made it a relatively simple job.

And finally, the kitchen cabinets that I spent this weekend putting together so that they could get hung this week.

Here are pictures of everything…

Other than that, I’ve been packing up a storm, Housing Works came yesterday to pick up the furniture I wasn’t taking with me, and I’m writing this entry as procrastination (I needed something to do after finishing Harry Potter, but that’ll be the next entry).

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