by sam on 05/26/2005

The kitchen was ripped out last week, so I’m really committed to this whole renovation thing – then again, I did already buy new appliances that are sitting in a warehouse somewhere, so I probably should have come to that realization a few weeks ago.

The fun part of this visit was actually that there were several open houses in the building at the same time, one of which was in the same "line" as my apartment. It was interesting to see what they did to renovate – in particular, they took down the wall that separates the foyer from the living room. I actually thought that it lost something in the transition, because you don’t really get more living room space, but you lose the sense of having another “room”.

New pictures below – the folks have moved out, all remaining furniture is stuff that they’re leaving for me (which is all pretty cool stuff). Combined with my apartment full of fairly nice furniture, and I don’t need to buy a thing on that front. Hope you all enjoy the gaping hole that used to be my kitchen (oh, and my friends who came to see the apartment this week):

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