I know, I know…

by sam on 05/11/2005

I’ve been somewhat lackadaisical with the updating. Truth is, I haven’t had much to write about this week. Plus, I’ve been free-form writing for a presentation at work, and that seems to be sapping my creative energy (and let me tell you, it takes a lot of energy to be "creative" when writing about SEC communications reform proposals).

My brother is in town this week – a brief pit stop between a month of volunteer work in Nicaragua and touring around India and Nepal for the summer. But he found out on Monday that he’s been invited to the Peace Corps, so that’s awesome. Starting in September, he’ll be spending two years in Micronesia and/or Palau. Which is even more awesome. It’s kind of funny – when we were younger, I was always the crazy idealist, but he’s the one following through. I’m just really proud of him.

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