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by sam on 04/19/2005

Since it appears that my obsessive tendencies have transferred from politics to real estate, I thought I’d start a new category to commemorate. I close next Wednesday morning on my new place (a day earlier than originally scheduled!), and I’ll be spending about 3 months renovating (including ripping out the entire kitchen – fun!). Thankfully, my dad has been in a constant state of house, apartment and office renovation for the past two plus years, so, aside from being ready to rip all of his hair out, he’ll be pretty darn helpful with the corralling of contractors and such. Plus, he did go to design school, so he’s pretty good at telling me when my color schemes are going to look like crap.

I’ve made mention of the apartment buying in some other posts, but it’s usually an afterthought to writing about something else. Now I can completely fixate on it for your reading pleasure (or, more likely, exasperation). I’ll be moving over some earlier posts, including the construction related stuff from last year (and I do plan on posting some more pictures – there are walls now!), as well as some of the other, more tangential, real estate stuff that I’ve written about in the past.

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