I guess the NY Times is still training those new fact checkers…

by sam on 01/20/2005

I know it’s just a puff piece about Celebrity Big Brother, but if the Times can’t get this easily checkable piece of information correct, it’s no wonder Judith Miller still thinks there are WMDs…

Ms. Greer, still best known for her 1970’s feminist manifesto, "The Feminine Mystique," compared the show, in which celebrities are confined together as viewers decide who goes and who stays, to "a fascist prison camp" where bullying was encouraged and sensory deprivation used as a weapon of torture.

It’s like the author just guessed, "hmm, Germaine Greer wrote some feminist tract back in the 1970s, and since the only one I’ve ever heard of is the Feminine Mystique, that must be it…and I’m too damn lazy to take all of 5 seconds do a google search or to look something up on Amazon or BN"

Yeah. Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique. Greer wrote The Female Eunuch.

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