It’s like they did the study in my apartment.

by sam on 12/3/2004

Yet again, the NY Times gives us some enjoyable fluff. Apparently it’s quite shocking that people would rather relax on the couch and be entertained than change diapers, cook meals, clean dishes, and drive their kids to soccer practice.

Maybe the real shock is that the scientists who conducted the study don’t understand that "emotional fulfillment" and "happiness" may not always mean the same thing. Because if these women were asked whether their children or their TV give their life more meaning, I’m pretty sure the results would be reversed.

Raising kids can be hard. You have to (and should, to a certain extent) tailor your life around them. But I’m pretty sure that most people wouldn’t choose to trade their kids in for a television (well, unless it was one of those 60-inch flat panel plasma screens – those are really cool).

And hey, while we’re on the subject, why only women? I guess it’s still just a given in the scientific community that men don’t do all this girly work anyway.

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