The Quincunx.

by sam on 05/20/2004

I just finished reading The Quincunx, and I was a bit disappointed with the ending [spoiler alert – don’t read the rest if you don’t want to know what happens]. I mean, this kid spends 700 pages trying to right centuries of injustice in order to reclaim his inheritance, and then at the end, the author doesn’t tell us what he’s going to do? That’s cheating. I get that now John is in a position to genuinely make that choice, without threats from any of the other interested/competing parties, but still. And the character, who was supposed to have matured over a decade over the course of the book, suffering immense hardship, still seemed at times like the petulant, petty little boy that he started out being. Anyway, I’ve moved on and am currently reading the biography of Alexander Hamilton, because I haven’t read some good New York City history, my favorite subject, in a while.


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