leaving, on a jet plane…

by sam on 04/24/2004

I’m actually on my way home right now. Funny, given that I had no TV, I thought I would update more. I suppose it’s a testament to the fabulous time that I had that I barely thought to open up my laptop. I did pass my entire scuba certification training course, and did a total of four ocean dives, which were awesome. The deepest that I went was 60 feet underwater, and I saw some of the most unbelievable things. Hopefully my pictures will come out reasonably well, at which point they’ll be put up on the site. I’ll also describe them a little further at that time.

The other thing that really made my trip were the awesome and totally open people that I got to meet. I won’t go into too much detail, since it’s generally not my style to give out names of other people without their express permission, but suffice to say, I met people from all over the US, from all sorts of backgrounds, and they were all equally wonderful and made my trip incredibly special. There’s nothing quite like traveling some where completely alone and leaving feeling like you’ve really made new friends.

I’m sad to be returning to NYC so soon, but I am glad that I gave myself a day in the city to get reacclimated. I don’t think I could stand to have to go to work directly tomorrow morning.

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