This is me on vacation, part II

by sam on 04/21/2004

So, I did pass my scuba exam, and given the fact that I did no studying and barely read the book, I think I scored pretty reasonably. Yesterday we spent the morning in the pool, which was neat, but it was nothing compared to actually going into the ocean today. We took a boat with a bunch of other people out to Ranguana Caye, this tiny little island about 30 miles off the coast of Belize, and then we had our first real scuba sessions. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was actually able to take pictures underwater with the disposable camera that I bought, so when I get them back from the CVS, I’ll make sure and post them (provided that any of them came out). It was really quite incredible.

Two more sessions tomorrow, and then I’m done. I have gotten a bit sunburned, despite my liberal reapplication of sunscreen. I guess I’m just destined to be bright red. My spa day on Friday should certainly make me feel better on that score however!

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