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by sam on 03/29/2013

The photo is a little warped looking, as its stitched together from a few photos, so it get a little fisheyed.


The tile still hasn’t shown up. More excuses today. After giving us a delivery time of 10am, which turned into a delivery “window” of 10-2, my contractor got a call after 2pm saying they were “several hours” away. Given that workers have to be out of the building no later than 5, that was clearly not going to work. So monday is the new promised day. This is now affecting our ability to get the rest of the bathroom done, as the new paneling and cabinets for the non-tiled areas (which is largely going to go over the remaining tile rather than ripping it out), pretty much requires the floor to be done. Not to mention reinstalling the toilet and sink. And, well, the shower.

The shower is a bit more boxed in than it was before, largely due to the fact that the old tile was pretty much attached to the building’s masonry rather than drywall. Contractor thought it might be a good idea to put a layer of cement board between my tile and, well, the exterior wall of the building. As I learned from Wikipedia, cement board is, by far, the best substrate to use as tile backing as it is more water-resistant than other options. But they’ve got the sample tile (the only tile I have!) in there to confirm that it will all fit, depth-wise, so I think we’re good.

Plus, a bonus photo of Sadie greedily gobbling down dinner. She’s not loving the situation, but she has not lost her appetite!


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