getting back on track | 365:087

by sam on 03/28/2013

Today they definitely made more progress, finishing off the ceiling drywall and getting the underpinnings for the shower in place (at least along the back wall).

The biggest issue today revolved around something that wasn’t the contractor’s fault. The tile that I ordered hadn’t shown up yet, even though it should have definitely been there by now. My contractor spent time yesterday trying to find out what was going on, and couldn’t get a straight answer out of the supply store I had ordered it from, so I called my original sales guy who was all “it should have been there Tuesday”. Once he figured out that the delivery folks had never contacted me or my contractor, he got on the case (to his credit). During the couple of hours that we didn’t know what was going on though, I had a mild freakout that for some reason, the delivery people had absconded with my tile and this would never get done. My parents bore the brunt of that freakout via email, if only so that I didn’t have a meltdown at work.

In any event, they claim the tile will be there tomorrow. I knew I was probably being too optimistic in thinking this would be done by mid-next week, but I’ve clearly been set straight on that front. As I said to my super when I stopped by this evening, it’s a good thing that I overestimated and said all the work would take a month in my application to the board for approval!

As an added bonus, I get to sleep in tomorrow. I will have to go in for a few hours in the afternoon despite the holiday, but given that I was fully expecting to have to work the entire day, I feel like I’m getting a time dividend.

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