Almost over.

by sam on 04/6/2006

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Unfortunately, my plane doesn’t leave for another 16 or so hours. I say unfortunately because I’ve officially reached the point in my vacation (as I do with all good vacations), where I’m just ready to go home. I’ve done enough diving, enough visiting, enough getting sunburnt and eaten by bugs that I’m ready to sit in my air conditioned apartment, watch all the crap that is hopefully stored on my TiVo, and sleep in my own, posturpedic bed with my good isotonic pillows.

Did I mention that I woke up yesterday morning with a crazy pinched nerve in my shoulder that is making it extremely painful to sit up, stand, lie down, sleep, raise my right arm, or move my head? So that’s fun. It’s also making me dread the thought (more than normal) of sitting in a coach seat for 24 straight hours. It’s feeling a bit better today than it did yesterday, but that’s not saying much. I could also be getting used to the pain, so who the hell knows. Needless to say that the overwhelmingly wicker furniture at the resort is not exactly designed for such circumstances.

Right now I’m enjoying the last few hours of air conditioning my room has to offer (I have to check out a 2 p.m., and then go to the airport at about midnight!).

Overall though, the vacation was great – I did some awesome diving, got to hang out with my brother, and generally relaxed. Met a bunch of neat folks thanks to the diving, and drank lots of margaritas. Also spent a decent amount of time making fun of the Noni juice people (although, as my brother pointed out, we laugh now, but they’re all 350 years old).

Anyway, I’m going to take one more nap before I have to give up the room (and before you make too much fun, remember that I was up at 4 this morning thanks to the shoulder).

See y’all back on the other side of the world.

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