One more time…

by sam on 04/4/2006

There is free wifi here in the lobby, but I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to do anything other than check my e-mail. The speeds are so slow (I think they’re slower than dial-up) that everything keeps timing out before I can upload anything. We’ll see if the prior blog entry will show up this time (I originally tried to post it four days ago). Since then, I’ve been diving several more days, hung out with my brother a bunch, and traveled down to carp island to get eaten alive by the mosquitos (fun! even more fun? mosquito bites combined with major, peeling sunburn!). Needless to say, my plan for today involves spending a lot of time in the hotel spa. and the shade.

Also needless to say – given the internet speeds, I’m obviously not posting pictures until I get home.

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