I start my next work engagement next week, so I thought I’d take a full week up in the Berkshires, something I rarely get to do for that amount of time. Of course, I got up here on Sunday and my entire family had to head back to NYC on Monday for a few days, so I’ve been on my own. This is even more rare than my spending an entire week up here.

Last night I took myself to dinner in Great Barrington, where i promptly ran into one of my oldest friends up here, so he and I ended up eating together. I love when that happens. On my way out, this guy was playing some lovely music. Shot in extremely low light at a high ISO, so the quality’s not great, but still wanted to share.

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great barrington


For years, I’ve been going up to the Berkshires, and one of my favorite towns is Great Barrington. It’s a combination of quirky-cute and quite practical (unlike, say, Stockbridge, which has quirky cute down pat but after 20 minutes of wandering around, you realize that you can only buy country kitsch, or Pittsfield, which, in its development as an industrial company town has plenty of practicality but just looks ragged). And then I realized that I had never taken my camera over to Railroad Street to take pictures. So here you go.

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