Berkshires weekend


In the Berkshires this weekend for Passover, and thought that this shot of my dad was an example of pretty much the quintessential Berkshires life. Coffee, paper, dog, big leather chair. And flannel. Always flannel.


Plus, a bonus shot of Ollie. As cute as ever.


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Labor Day Weekend (and tech issues)


So, I finally decided to download my photos from Labor Day weekend, given that it’s almost November and I haven’t even put up a post since September. I’ll blame that part on the whole ‘having a job’ thing, even though, truth be told, I do have my weekends free. I’m just lazy.

But that started me down a wonderful journey of discovering that there was some sort of script error in my blog installation, which forced me to spend the last three hours venturing further down the rabbit hole of wordpress reinstallations, backups, “emergency” password fixes after wordpress decided to no longer recognize me…fun stuff.

it all appears to be (hopefully) working again, at least insofar as I can actually log in and write a post, but I had to delete a lot of plugin customizations particularly around stats. Not that anyone reads this thing anyway, so I guess that’s no great loss!

Anyway…on to the original point of this post. Labor Day weekend, as usual, was spent in the Berkshires. This year it was very rainy, so we ventured up to The Clark in Williamstown to check out some of the art. The coolest thing was an exhibit by El Anatsui, a Ghanaian artist who refashions the multitude of liquor bottles foisted upon the local population into beautiful wall hangings. So this is mostly that. As always, click on the thumbnail to get the full image.

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memorial day weekend


I’m pretty sure I’ve given up the ghost on the 365 project (again), but I’m still taking pictures when the mood strikes. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I’ve got a new job (finally) and that’s taking up a lot of my brain-space now, which I view as a good thing. Getting paid doesn’t hurt either. But, in any event, I headed up to the family compound in the Berkshires for memorial day weekend, and took some pics of the burgeoning spring/summer flora and fauna. As always, click on the thumbnail to see the full photos.

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080-086/365: farm day


This weekend, we headed up to the berkshires for an early passover seder on Sunday. But on Saturday, we had a farm day at our friend Billie’s farm. Billie runs the farm (where she raises chicken and cows) largely by herself, so a few times a year, friends head over to take care of some of the bigger projects that require more than one person. This year, we were re-fencing a pasture after the fence got damaged from all the snow this winter, and we were tearing out one of the gardens in order to turn it into more cow pasture. I (of course) brought my camera. I ended up taking more pics of the animals than of people, because that’s what happens when you put me near adorable farm animals (including adorable baby farm animals), but nevertheless, here are some shots from the day.

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079/365: detente


By her third day in the berkshires, Sadie and Ollie had reached a tentative detente. Which largely consisted of Ollie staying 2 feet away from her at all times and not making eye contact, in an attempt to get her to stop smacking him in the face. Here, Sadie has taken over his favorite spot in the house, which he’s had for 12 years, and he sits on the edge of the pillow pretending not to look at her.

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078/365: beginning


up in the berkshires two weeks ago, things were very slowly, in very small ways, starting to bloom.

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norman rockwell museum and berkshire botanical garden


Labor day weekend, we took a break from our normal routine of doing as little as possible, and spent an afternoon at the Norman Rockwell Museum and the Berkshire Botanical Garden. Pictures aren’t allowed inside the Museum, so I don’t have anything except the sign below, but it was the first time I had been to the museum and was really struck by how much more…well-rounded…Rockwell was as an artist than his most well-known Saturday Evening Post americana would suggest. I (of course) had seen some of his civil-rights era art before, most notably, The Problem We All Live With, but “Southern Justice” stopped me in my tracks.

I was really shocked by it. Of course, even without looking at the title, I knew exactly what it was in reference to, but more than that, both in content and in style, it’s incredibly different from anything we “expect” when we think about Rockwell. I’m pretty sure I stared at it for about 10 minutes, just devastated. I also took a brief tour that was given, and the guide (who clearly loved his work), talked about the fact that Rockwell chafed for years against the Saturday Evening Post edict that people of color were only ever to be depicted in positions of servitude toward whites. Which explains why this painting was done for Look magazine.

Changing subjects, the following are the photos that I actually took, at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. They had three specific exhibits going on – one dealing with chairs, one dealing with dogs, and one where these little cabins were decorated extravagantly. That should make these photos pretty self-explanatory.

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365: 2010.03.27 (berkshires weekend)


Last weekend I went up to the Berkshires for our Passover Seder, which we rescheduled for everyone’s convenience to Sunday night (Passover started at sundown on Monday). On Saturday, we didn’t do too much, but we did go for a walk around the neighborhood. And then I watched our dog, Oliver, spend hours attempting to fit a basketball into his mouth. You’d think after 11 years he’d have figured out that it’s just not going to work, but he keeps trying.

Oh, and apparently everyone in my family really likes orange. Not pictured is myself, wearing orange-framed sunglasses. At least we’re ready for hunting season.

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Random update


I haven’t done a non-photo related post in some time, but I just finished my latest book while sitting in the cafe at barnes and noble, and was reflecting on how nutso this week is going to be.

First, the travel. As always for thanksgiving, I’m heading to the berkshires to hang with family. Except, instead of staying through Sunday as I would normally do, I’m flying to Houston on Friday, because one of my oldest friends is getting (re)married down there on saturday. And then i’m flying back to NY on Sunday. Of thanksgiving weekend. I’m thinking it’s a good thing I don’t have a job I’ll need to actually get to on Monday.

Actually, that’s about it for my nutso week, now that I think about it. Although apparently my brother is sick with something that may be the flu (swine or otherwise) and is only finally going to the doctor because my dad convinced my brother’s girlfriend to drag him there. Or an emergency room. I’ll have to call him later to check on him. I’m not going within 100 feet of him though, because I’m pretty sure that swine flu makes a pretty crappy wedding present.

I’ll return to photoblogging later with a post about the book I just finished, but I left the jacket at home so I can’t photograph it yet.

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assignment: final project (2)


so this past week’s photography class assignment was to take additional pictures of our final theme (bicycles), and since I had opted to do the close-up, more abstracted work, I took some more in that direction. Of course, when we got together for class last night to pick photos for the show, none of these got picked (instead, everyones favorites were from the earliest series done in the berkshires – I’ll post the final layout in a few days), but I still like most of them, so here they are…

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