Impulse shopping.


I’ve been thinking about getting a new computer. You, of course, probably don’t care all that much. I bought an iMac last May, and i love it to pieces, but it’s a desktop and there’s this part of me that wants to get one of those little white iBooks so that I can sit on my couch, or in bed, and browse my favorite internet sites, update my blog, and all of the other stuff I imagine I would do if I wasn’t tethered to my desk.

And I could get an aircard and go sit in bryant park during lunch.

This really all started because I changed jobs two months ago. My old office gave us all laptops if we wanted them (instead of desktops), so I always had the option. I didn’t really take advantage of it too much, but it was nice to know that it was there. My new firm only has desktops. I think I can borrow a company laptop in a pinch, but I don’t think "going to sit in the park on a saturday afternoon and surf the internet" is a valid reason.

I also happen to be totally compulsive when it comes to buying things like electronics. I currently have: my iMac, a Sony Clie, a cellphone (for which I am already itching to buy a new one), a blackberry (supplied by my office), a really nice digital camera, and assorted extra computer parts strewn about my apartment. (and that’s not even going near my entertainment system setup). Except for the camera, I drag all of this crap around with me every day.

But back to the iBook impulse. I’ve already talked myself out of the 12" powerbook (which costs 3 times as much), because, while it’s really cool looking, I really have no need for that kind of computing power, particularly on a "secondary" computer. I need something that basically works as an extension of my desktop (the beauty of mac is that I can network them together through my wi fi system so that they can share files). so I think the iBook is perfect. and i want the really small one. just because if I’m going to get a second computer for travel convenience, it might as well be really travel-worthy. I’m going to give myself another month (maybe until apple launches their new operating system, so that i don’t have to buy it separately). and then i’m probably just going to give in…

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