nyc subway | 14th street and 7th avenue

by sam on 06/25/2015

The 14th Street/7th Avenue IRT line is another “original mosaics/no other appreciable art” platforms. The mosaics themselves are the original trackside “14” tile work, much of which (as you can see from the photos) is fairly water damaged and clearly in need of repair.

The station itself connects via a tunnel to the 6th avenue F/M/L (Ha!) lines, but that’s a later-built connection between the two separate IRT and IND systems, and not a “natural” transfer point. You’re basically walking a full avenue block (about a quarter-mile) underground in order to save the cost of a subway fare. Pics of the 6th avenue line platforms are still to come. The station also apparently had a connection to the 8th avenue A/C/E line at some point in the past, but it’s been gated off and is inaccessible today.

Station opened: July 1, 1918
Original system: IRT
Trains: 1/2/3
Source/More info: Wikipedia,

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