I’m not where?

by sam on 11/25/2007

So, Friday night, the ‘rents and I decided to go see "I’m Not There", the new Dylan "biopic".  I knew it was going to be weird and existential – I had read the fawning New York Times Magazine cover story on it a few weeks ago, after all, but…


I guess I just didn’t get it (neither did my dad or stepmom, and my dad was actually at Newport when Dylan went electric, so…).

Don’t get me wrong – the acting was generally superb (I watched some clips of the actual Dylan at Newport this morning, and Cate Blanchett was just phenomenal).  And there were certain "moments" that were touching/funny/excellent.  But overall?  I had no idea what the fuck was going on.  And I’m fairly certain that I fell asleep through most of the Richard Gere/Billy the Kid part of the film (I only say "fairly certain" because, lacking any discernable plot or forward momentum, it’s entirely possible that I fell asleep for either 10 seconds or 20 minutes). 

Walking out, I said to my folks (my folks!) that I think I would have understood it better if we were all stoned. 

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