RSS feed update

by sam on 08/14/2007

OK. So I’ve figured a few things out with the RSS feed.  If you click on the link directly at the bottom of the page, you’re going to get an error message (unless you’re in an old version of IE, because it doesn’t require strict HTML formatting).  The problem is that there’s something in my files that’s inserting an extra blank line at the beginning of the feed page.  Unfortunately, I’ve gone through every single file and deleted all of the extraneous blank spaces I could find, and I’m still having the same problem. 


If you type in the feed address (or copy it) into most feed readers or aggregators (or use the "subscribe" button in a reader like Google reader), it gets picked up absolutely fine.  I’ve downloaded a few different freeware RSS readers to test it out, and there aren’t any problems so far.  So for now, I think I’m going to leave it alone, before I end up "tweaking" my blog files too much and accidentally creating some other, bigger problem. 

The feed address, for your reference, is

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