I loved my cat too…

by sam on 12/23/2004

…and he was also 17 when he died, but this is just kind of creepy. I’m certainly not opposed to the idea of therapeutic cloning on a cellular level to create, say, a new liver if the one you’ve got is kaput, because there’s a cost-benefit analysis there that clearly (at least to me) comes down on the side of saving lives (and having lived through an era where Mickey Mantle could get a new liver after he drank his first one to death but my mother, who got an extraordinarily rare form of cancer at the age of 42 couldn’t because they weren’t willing to "waste" a liver on her because it wouldn’t completely cure her and would only prolong her life for a few years, I’m all for new solutions to the transplant problem), but there’s something about cloning a pet that, in addition to just being creepy, seems like a huge ego trip. You want a new cat? go to the shelter an adopt one of the ridiculous number of stray kittens. And then donate the $50,000 to the ASPCA.