365:163 (snow day)


this is just sad. I know people have tiny apartments, but there’s just no excuse for doing this to your bicycles.

Note: this was taken at 10:30am, before the bulk of the storm hit.

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365:154 (power grips)


I bought these pedal straps last year, and they were the best investment ever. I can’t handle clipless pedals, because I am a giant klutz, and toe clips are not particularly useful if you can’t tighten them because you have to brake every two blocks because you’re riding in city traffic (and you’re a giant klutz), so these were a good in-between. you slide your foot in on the diagonal, and when you straighten it, the strap tightens and holds your foot in place. as a bonus, you can wear any shoes.

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365:152 (almost spring!)


Ok. so it’s nowhere near spring. But I got this mailer for the first big (and biggest!) bike ride of the season, and it made me very happy. Even though the ride itself is a giant, crowded, somewhat unpleasant mass of humanity.

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365:149 (triptych)


these were my 3 favorite pics from photo class, so I framed them and hung them in my foyer.

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365:34 (bike ms ride)


bike ms ride

left my camera at home, and didn’t feel like stopping, so this ended up being the only pic I took today on the ride. Although it is pretty cool to stand in the middle of the FDR drive.


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bike lanes may come to the upper west side…



At a lengthy meeting Wednesday night, the transportation committee of Community Board 7 passed a resolution in support of the “concept” of protected bike lanes on Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues from 59th to 110th Streets. The 6-2 committee vote came after testimony from area residents, business people, and community board members from Hell’s Kitchen and midtown, who noted the safety benefits and other improvements separated lanes have brought to their districts.

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assignment: final show


This morning I dropped off my final project to get printed, so I thought I’d share it here as well. All of these pics have been posted before on the site as part of individual assignments, but I wanted to group the best of the bunch (or at least what my class’s consensus of the best of the bunch) in one place. Here they are:

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assignment: final project (2)


so this past week’s photography class assignment was to take additional pictures of our final theme (bicycles), and since I had opted to do the close-up, more abstracted work, I took some more in that direction. Of course, when we got together for class last night to pick photos for the show, none of these got picked (instead, everyones favorites were from the earliest series done in the berkshires – I’ll post the final layout in a few days), but I still like most of them, so here they are…

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assignment: final project (1)


a little late, but I wanted to get the benefit of class editing before I posted these, because I took a lot of photos geared towards the final “show” and I didn’t want to clog up the site with quite that many crappy pictures. So here are the best ones. again, my subject of choice is bicycles, and this week I tried to move away from the strictly “still life” nature of my prior photos and towards some more action-oriented shots. However, once we sat down and reviewed them, I definitely decided to go with the still life/detail shots. I prefer them compositionally. But here are a variety of pics of both types that I took this week:

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365:12 (nyc century prep)


getting prepped for the nyc century tomorrow

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