backlog | 365:110-124


I missed a few days over the last couple of weeks, with the renovation and the massive work project that finally came to fruition after months of work (months on my part, years on the part of others who have been there longer), so I’m finally taking a breath and catching up. Here’s what I managed to capture over the period, including the finished bathroom.

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jail | 365:089


No actual updates on the construction front, since it’s the weekend and my building doesn’t allow work, but I still had to stop by and check on Sadie who is locked in cat jail. Otherwise known as my kitchen. She’s doing fine, and is usually fast asleep when I come in, but would clearly rather be out amongst all of the construction debris. I have visions of her thinking it would be fun to jump into a half-empty bucket of joint compound. So in the kitchen she stays.


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whew! | 365:081


Part of the plan for the renovation is that, while I am staying at my parents’ place, Sadie stays here, locked in the kitchen (conveniently the only room in my apartment with a door that shuts). I took everything out and made a little room just for her, with her bed, food, water, litter and toys, but there was an underlying fear that after being locked in there for one day, she would hide behind the couch and I’d never get her back in there.

No worries though, as she seems to have taken to it – she’s not even locked in at the moment, but still willingly hanging out in there. It may get a little more complicated next week when she doesn’t get to leave when I get home at the end of the day, but this is one more item on my “things to be completely neurotic about” list that I can cross off for the moment.


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what?! | 365:078


Last night was another late night at work, and I got home about 10pm. Sadie gets very agitated with me when I don’t come home on time (it’s funny – as much as cats seem indifferent to their humans, she is much less high strung if I’m actually home all day), and I don’t even want to contemplate what the next two weeks will be like when she gets locked in the kitchen to keep her away from the contractors who will be redoing the bathroom. But the kitchen is much larger than the cage she’d be put in if I boarded her, and at least this way she’s still in a relatively familiar place, so that should temper things.

Anyway, got home last night and Sadie was doing an excellent impression of a whirling dervish. this is what happened when I caught up with her for belly rubs. Then she went completely berserk when I ordered sushi for dinner.


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poser | 365:068


Sadie runs and hides when I pull out my iPhone, but the minute I get out the giant SLR, she starts posing like crazy.


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hello kitty | 365:057


Finally caught up with the photos I’ve taken in the past few days. Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. co-worker at my last work engagement would bring in chocolate for everyone on valentines day, but he knew I didn’t like chocolate, so I got this homage to my pending cat-lady spinsterdom instead.


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squeeze | 365:055


I bought this little cat house-bed-thing for Sadie, and when it arrived, I was worried that it might be too small for her. Apparently that’s not an issue.


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good fit | 365:050


Yesterday was the second anniversary of my adopting Sadie. It was all worth it to witness her trying to fit herself into a box that was half her size tonight.

There was a larger box less than a foot away.


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friday sadie | 365:039


another week, another cat picture. I know I should be posting pictures of the absolutely ridiculous snowstorm we’re currently getting hit with, but that can wait until tomorrow morning when i have time to go to the park. if the snow has buried the first floor of my building, of course.

Recently I decided to do some living room revamping. It’s slow-going, mainly because I decided to actually plan out where I wanted to move all of the furniture rather than simply moving everything on a whim and hoping for the best. But as part of that plan, I decided to get a new sound system. my old stereo was finally in its death throes, with the not responding to remotes anymore, and only two of the inputs actually still working, and one of the speakers being dead. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of space a 6 speaker plus receiver system takes up in a small apartment. so i went with a sound bar. two pieces. as a bonus, the one I got actually acts has a subwoofer that as a receiver for all of my HDMI tv inputs, switching between them, and only requires me to have one HDMI input into the television. This solves my other lingering “older technology” problem of having an 8-year old TV (state of the art when purchased!) with only one HDMI input.

of course, in order to ship an oddly shaped sound bar, they filled the remainder of the shipment box with oddly sized empty other boxes. so Sadie is in cat/cardboard box heaven.


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weekly sadie | 365:031


another week, another picture of the cat.


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