high bridge

by sam on 08/13/2016

Back in June (yes, I’m still on June pictures), I finally ventured up to the high bridge. I had been meaning to wander up there ever since it had re-opened, but my earlier attempts last summer had all been hijacked by heat waves or rainy days.

The high bridge is actually the oldest bridge in New York City, originally built in 1848 as part of the Croton aqueduct system. It connects upper manhattan and the bronx, and it fell into disrepair over the years, finally getting shut down over 40 years ago because it was considered too dangerous. Partially inspired by the restoration/renovation of the High Line in Manhattan, it was decided to bring it back from the dead, and it finally reopened last year to pedestrians.

Given the absence of overabundant gardening, it is obviously a different aesthetic than the high line, but it does connect two parks at either end, and proves quite exquisite views. Definitely worth at least one trip (on a day that’s not too hot. or rainy).

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