nyc subway | columbus circle (1 train)

by sam on 05/25/2015

Columbus Circle is a major transfer point between a variety of different lines, but for this trip I stayed mostly near the 1 train platform, so I will probably visit again to capture the AC/BD platform, which is in another area of the station. Given that this is in Columbus Circle, and essentially sits below the very large statue of Christopher Columbus, there is a bit of related iconography. But it’s really the same ship-tile over and over again, as far as I can tell. Some other interesting features include some of the original carved signs for the mens’ and womens’ restrooms, but which don’t appear to lead to restrooms anymore (the mens’ room seems to indicate that it’s actually some sort of electrical room now).

In addition, the northbound local track was shut this weekend due to construction/repair work. You can see some MTA workers over on the northbound track. Lest it seem that they’re not doing much, from what I could tell, the standing guy appeared to be giving instructions to the others – something that doesn’t really translate well to a still photograph!

Station opened: October 27, 1904
Original system: IRT
Trains: 1
Source: Wikipedia

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