catching up.

by sam on 05/4/2010

I’ve been having some problems uploading images, so rather than writing long descriptions of these pictures only to discover that they haven’t loaded, I’m just going to try again. I’ve just about given up the ghost on actually completing the 365 project, since I’ve been horribly neglectful, but I’m still trying to take pics when I can.

2010.04.20: good time to tear up the sidewalk at your restaurant that has most of it’s seating outside – first nice day of spring. as a bonus, even though no one could actually get to the front door, all the sushi chefs were inside ready to go.

2010.04.22: when backing up a big truck, perhaps you should use your mirrors to confirm that you’re not about to tear a giant gash into the side of the truck by backing directly into the scaffolding behind you.

2010.04.26: yet another dog waiting sadly for its owner who was busy having a leisurely coffee indoors.

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