assignment: composition

by sam on 09/10/2009

This week, we moved from the technical aspects of photography (shutter speed, aperture, depth of field), and started moving towards the more creative aspects of photography. Our assignment this week:

Find an object (not a person or an animal) that you want to take a picture of. It should be reasonably sized. Shoot it 36 times, with no two compositions being identical. If you can, try to pick an object that is consistent with your final class project.

Since my final project is going to be about bicycles, I decided (obviously) to shoot a bicycle. I was originally going to use my own, but when I got up to the berkshires, I found out that our neighbor friends had ended up with an old-fashioned style bike that had a lot more character, so I went over to their house one morning to get pictures of it. for some reason, it’s got beer branding all over it, but I think that just makes it a little more quirky. I actually took about 70 pics, and narrowed it down to the following 40 (click to enlarge):

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