Kissena Park

by sam on 08/30/2009

Today I joined the brooklyn by bike crew again and we rode from Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn to the Velodrome in Kissena Park, Queens, where they were holding the New York State track cycling championships. We were originally supposed to go yesterday, but the rain pushed us back a day, and it was definitely the right decision, as today was absolutely gorgeous out. Some photos below. Video to follow at a later date, after I’ve gotten some sleep and edited the video of the races in a way that makes them not nonsensical.

On the way back to brooklyn, we took a little detour off of our path to also visit Flushing Meadow, running into lots of police for the US Open (all of whom were very friendly and helpful in directing us out of their traffic “calming” maze), and the Unisphere. Which I realized I had never seen up close before, despite the fact that I grew up near new york and have lived here for over ten years. It’s stuff like this that makes me love these rides.

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