“some men see things as they are and say why…

by sam on 06/5/2008

…I dream things that never were and say why not?”

This morning, I listened to the Fresh Air interview with Pete Hamill, who was friends with Robert Kennedy, and was there when he was killed. And I got incredibly sad. 40 years ago, 6 years before I was even born, and I somehow still deeply feel not only the loss of a person but the loss for our country. And not just the loss of a potential president, but the loss of hope that RFK represented. And, while they didn’t play this on the radio at all, my mind immediately went to Teddy Kennedy’s eulogy, of which they usually only play the last minute or so when it’s played at all. The last minute or so are what leave me (even now) sitting in tears, but every once in a while it’s good to listen to the entire thing. Particularly this year, when, 40 years after he delivered this speech, which was delivered after watching the second of his brothers assassinated, and the fourth of his siblings to die tragically, Ted himself is fighting to stay alive.

Video via Shakespeare’s Sister.

(categorized under “good things” for the words in the eulogy.  not for the reason they needed to be spoken)