by sam on 05/8/2008

In an effort to reduce duplication on this site, as well as bring everything “under” the wordpress architecture rather than having pages that sit “outside” the blog, I’m revamping things. The biggest changes will be the integration of photo albums into blog entries using a program called slimbox. One album/entry is done, from Toronto in 2003, and it can be viewed here.

I just got tired of having to manually edit each and every photo page every time I decided to change something about the site. While I had reduced that work a few years ago through implementation of style sheets, there always seemed to be “something” that was hard coded into the html that would need to get changed every time I decided to do a redesign. This new way will allow me to simply change wordpress themes and all of the pages will follow along.

If you encounter any problems with the new pages, or broken links, please let me know! And this is going to take a while.

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